Q-Factor is about sharing information and generating inclusive discussion through presentations, publications and collaboration.

“I know the people behind Q-Factor as good colleagues during the planning of World Outgames. Therefore, I have great expectations to the role Q-Factor will play in the future of LGBT issues, both here in Denmark and in the rest of the world.”

-Uffe Elbæk, Danish Parlimentarian & CEO World Outgames 2009


Q-Factor has given presentations in countries all over the world to help create constructive conversations.

From corporations….

“Q-Factor was invited to speak at our 24/7 Unicorn LGBTI Diversity Congress based on their knowledgeability of LGBTI inclusion in the workplace. The talk was well received by the audience due to Q-Factor’s professionalism, expertise and audience engagement.”

-Stuart Cameron, CEO Uhlala GmbH



To unions…

“Vi fik alle en meget større forståelse i hvordan man som LGBT person oplever, en for os helt anderledes “verden”.

(Q-Factor) gav en meget fantastisk fortælling om ting vi aldrig har tænkt på at sådan er livet også.”

-LO Fyraftensmøde i Aarhus






Q-Factor believes that sharing information is the key to understanding.

Status of the Danish LGBT Workplace 2011

Q-Factor completed a unique study in 2011 to take a closer look at the experience of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) employees in Denmark. The survey was designed to be a comprehensive overview of how LGBT employees experience work life in Denmark. The results outline problem areas as well as strengths of Danish employers in relation to LGBT diversity. The results clearly point to specific actions employers can take to make their employees feel accepted and supported.





Status of the Danish LGBT Workplace 2014

In 2014, Q-Factor ran a follow up survey to the original Status of the Danish LGBT Workplace report. The new report reveals a positive trend in inclusion at Danish workplaces.





Nordic LGBT Inclusion Workshop Outcomes

The Nordic LGBT Inclusion Workshop Outcomes report was the result of the Nordic LGBT Inclusion Workshop 2013.  The workshop used the design thinking technique to structure a productive discussion on the topic of Developing a Nordic Strategy for LGBT Workplace Inclusion.






Q-Factor works with partners from different countries and backgrounds in order to strengthen understanding through diverse teams.

“Q-Factor has succeeded in bringing together key players in business and civil society to challenge our approaches to LGBT-inclusion.”

-Søren Laursen, Spokesperson on Legal Matters, LGBT Denmark

Film by: Jonas Nørgaard Rasmussen; Music: “She’s Asleep” and “Lenox” by Moby (Licensed to Jonas Nørgaard Rasmussen)

“Q-Factor operated as content management for the L-Women at Work event. As a fellow organizer, we were happy to have Q-Factor as a professional and reliable partner through the planning process and implementation of this event. Their strong organizational and clear communication skills make Q-Factor a valued asset to any event organizing team.”

-Sofia Hilgevoord, President egma & President Wybernet

Sharing stories helps people to understand each other. One of the very first projects completed by Q-Factor was a short film about the lives of LGBT people in Africa.

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