Top Funny LGBT YouTubers

Hi again little queer-lings!  Here is a list I compiled just for you of funny LGBT YouTubers.  It is no particular order so please refrain from drama or hair whipping.

Tyler Oakley (tyleroakley) became one of YouTube’s most famous vloggers with his running commentary on pop culture and was the first globally popular LGBT channel.


Hannah Hart (harto) is renowned for her hilarious attempts at cooking while intoxicated. She often has other YouTubers guest star on her vlogs and her most dangerous weapon is her ability to pun; anytime, anywhere, about any food.


Davey Wavey (wickydkewl) doesn’t often make a video with a shirt on. He’s a fitness guru whose videos have racked up over 150 million views since he started his channel! And he models. Get ready boys.


Kingsley (itskingsleybitch) is a young vlogger who gained internet fame from his unique and hysterical recaps of weekly trends that were “Overexposed” in the United States. Check out his signature hat.


Gwist (gwist) is notable for its rotating cast of up and coming gay artists, vloggers – anyone who is talented and LGBT. It was founded as the social media arm of the creators of Logo network, an LGBT centric TV channel in the US.


HART (hartbeat) is a lesbian comedian whose vlogs run the gamut of topics. One day it could be debunking LGBT stereotypes, the next it could be a black comedy about her house being broken into on Thanksgiving.


A Gay Collab (agaycollab) features different gay men and one lesbian on all seven days of the week (a YouTube rarity), giving their thoughts on current affairs in the LGBT community.


What the Buck (whatthebuckshow) features Michael Buckley speaking his mind on all kinds of topics, though he prefers to keep to the entertainment industry. Since starting his channel 6 years ago, his videos have garnered more than 350 million views.


Lizzy the Lezzy (lizzythelezzy) is perhaps one of the most famous LGBT personalities on YouTube. Lizzy is the animated, stand up comedian brain-child of Ruth Selwyn, who has taken Lizzy across the LGBT world with features in Curve magazine, AfterEllen, and even created her own video for National Coming Out Day in the United States.


Ian Harvie (ianharvie) is a transgender comedian and superhero whose channel mostly consists of his fabulous stand up, as well as occasional guest comedians.


Arielle (ArielleIsHamming) is a lesbian comedian with a fabulous NY accent.  Her femme looks might make her look innocent but she is far from it.